Pokémon Event Locator/Subscription Tool

Find using the official Pokemon.com locator too difficult to use? Try this one instead! Not only can you search easily for events but you can also subscribe to the calendar, making it really easy to keep up to date with events in your area. Please note that local leagues are not currently supported. Click Get My Calendar once you're happy with your current selections.

Select the filters you want to use in the dropdown boxes below. You can only select a province or state filter if you have selected a single country. Premier Event Groups allow you to search for all events of a specific type, whereas Premier Event Types are the actual type shown on the official website, and are usually more granular.

If you want to filter locations to within a certain radius of a location, you can enter the GPS coordinates into the text boxes below, or click the "Search For Coordinates" option to look up an address and populate them automatically. Select "Use Miles for Distance" to have the distance for each event return in miles rather than kilometers.

Select the date range you want to use when searching for events. This can be in the past, however please note that we have only started collecting events from early April 2019. Alternatively use the Specific Date Range dropdown to prepopulate the date fields with some common date ranges such as IC travel award periods.

These toggles allow you to filter your results to specific groups or show events that might otherwise be hidden. Essentially if it doesn't belong to one of the above categories, it'll be here.

Developed by Tim Crockford -
Source Code available on GitHub